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SOOCHUH Medical Scrubs

The backbone to your Medical Scrub collection

The First Stitch Medical Scrub Pants, Its cuffed and comfy

Zainab Gangat
Zainab Gangat@zainab_gangat_
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Hi there!! ❤️ thank you so much for my BEAUTIFUL scrubs! I always find it so difficult to find scrubs that fit well because I’m short but these fit me perfectly! I’m in love 🤩
Ayesha Sayed
Ayesha Sayed@ayesha.sayed.52
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Absolutely in love with my scrub sets from Soochuh. They fit me perfectly. It makes my job a little easier as I can move freely in them and I remain covered at all times. Perfect for winter or summer😍
Dr Thandi Helle Nyathi
Dr Thandi Helle Nyathi@best_hellen_ever
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I forgot to update you. The scrubs are PERFECT!! I’ll be ordering more soon. I love the fit, stretch, colour. Well done Soochuh. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 God bless
Ammaarah Nordien
Ammaarah Nordien@ammaarah_nordien
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Soochuh has definitely changed the scrubs game. The comfort level is unreal and at the same time it fits my body perfectly. It’s the first set of scrubs that I’ve never had to alter for my body type. I wash my scrubs after each day that I wear it and the quality of the material has never faded at all. I’d recommend it to anybody in need of a pair. You will not be disappointed!
Aarif Mohamed
Aarif Mohamed@aarifmohamed_
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Hi Soochuh Just want to let you guys know that I am super impressed with the quality and fit 💯. Really really happy with the scrubs, thanks!!
Janell Morris Permanent Make up
Janell Morris Permanent Make up@janellmorris_pmu
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Top notch quality deserves to be seen!! 🥳 I am so happy .
Ali Akbar Amod
Ali Akbar Amod@ali_akbar_amod
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Heyyyyy!!!! The scrubs arrived !!! They're AMAZING! The quality is PERFECT I absolutely love the quality and colours 🥺 I'm obsessed with these !!!!
Zaib Rasool
Zaib Rasool@zaibrasool_
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Hey! I recently received my scrubs. I love the fit of the scrubs and the quality is amazing 🥰🤗 I will definitely order more soon 💕
Faaria Kana Karriem
Faaria Kana Karriem@faariak2
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I am so impressed with my soochuh scrubsets! I love everything about it, the material quality (so breathable), the pocket placement on the pants and the style is so flattering to all body types. The brand has literally thought of EVERYTHING - comfort, functionality, aesthetics and it’s so affordable. Definitely worth every penny and I can’t wait to purchase even more sets!


The story behind Soochuh. How we turned a dreamy idea into a reality and then into a business.


Need new medical scrubs? Browse Soochuh’s Medical Scrub Wardrobe. We won’t tell.


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SOOCHUH Services

Shipping Nationwide

All orders over R1000 are shipped free of charge.


Does your practice consist of a multiprofessional team, which needs to maintain an aesthetic standard? Kit out your team in Soochuh Scrubs, to meet this standard. 


Our professional embroider is able to stitch up any custom logo or text format.

Helping Others

At Soochuh, we understand we have a social responsibility to maintain. Being a young business, we are still trying to figure out where to start on this one. Got leads? Contact us.

SOOCHUH Female Medical Scrubs

Take a peek inside Soochuh's Medical Scrub wardrobe

SOOCHUH Male Medical Scrubs

Take a peek inside our wonderworld Medical Scrub Collection
Suited for medical professionals.
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